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  • Vizio TV Sound Not Working The Vizio tv brand was first launched in the year 2002, and as soon as this tv entered the market, its demand started to increase a lot. The main reason for this was the quality offered by this company and the reasonable price for its device, which was affordable to everyone. As we know, any TV found on the market must have some kind of defect. Neither tv nor its brand is perfect. Similarly, many users of Vizio say that the sound does not work on their Vizio tv. Remotely troubleshooting TV audio can be problematic unless you see and know the physical setup of your TV. However, there are some basic problems that you can check out. Also Read: Why Is My Roku TV Blinking If your Vizio tv sound is not working, then you may have muted the tv or muted the sound too much. Check that all audio input settings are correct. Alternatively, check the additional connected soundbar device and also check all the cable connections. Before we talk to you about troubleshooting, let’s talk about possible issues that affect the functionality of TV, and a few possible reasons why this sound doesn’t work. Vizio TV Hdmi Not Working Check to see if the issue still happen on another HDMI input. Move the HDMI cable to a different HDMI port on your TV (if you're connected to HDMI 1, move the cord to HDMI 2). Once you move the HDMI cord to a different port- you'll need to press the input button on the remote and switch your TV to the new input. Also Read: Green Light on Roku Remote
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